Eveline Mask Serum 20 ml

14,400 SYP

  • CALMING AND REFRESHING KOREAN SHEET MASK, soaked with 20 ml of a soothing serum, instantly soothes skin, restores its smoothness and elasticity, maximally moisturizes and protects against water loss.
  • Effectively calms signs of irritation, restores skin a natural glow and immediately refreshes.
  • 24k GOLD Nourishing Elixir Ultra-Revitalizing Face Mask by EVELINE.
  • Sheet mask intended for use with all skin types.
  • A saturated nutritional serum, rich in gold, green tea, hyaluronic acid, jasmine, licorice, cucumber, chamomile and allantoin, supports skin regeneration and care.
  • Additionally, it will help to quickly smooth out wrinkles.
  • After application, the skin becomes silky smooth, taut, moisturized and full of radiance.
  • It reduces the signs of aging and stress.