EVON Drinking Cup 240ml

  • It makes teaching your child to drink water and various fluids easy and fun.
  • The cup is made entirely of internationally approved Polypropylene / PP5 that is intended for food use.
  • The polypropylene used in its manufacture has been processed to withdraw the toxic BPA in accordance with the standards of the International Health Organization to ensure safe and healthy use.
  • Sealed to ensure no leakage of liquids.
  • Supplied with a holder for your child to hold.
  • Streamlined design and light weight allow the child to carry it easily.
  • The nipple is designed in a flexible way that fits with the shape of the mouth, and fits with the shape of the baby’s lip, tongue and jaw muscles.
  • This nipple is made of internationally approved food grade silicone to ensure the flexibility needed for your baby and not cause any damage to the gums and teeth.
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