EVON Round Head Medium Pacifier with cover

  • Designed by experts in lactation and baby care, EVON Round Headed Pacifiers offer the best alternatives to finger sucking.
  • The pacifier is designed in a flexible way that fits with the shape of the mouth, and fits with the shape of the child’s lips, tongue and jaw muscles, to ensure the proper growth of the teeth and gums.
  • The shape of the head of the pacifier “nipple” is round, similar to the natural shape of the nipple, and the silky texture of the silicone helps the baby to catch it because its soft texture resembles the natural texture of the breast. Available in several sizes suitable for children’s age group.
  • The pacifier body is made entirely of internationally approved Polypropylene / PP5 intended for food use.
  • The polypropylene used in the manufacture of the pacifier has been processed to withdraw the toxic BPA in accordance with the standards of the International Health Organization to ensure safe and healthy use.
  • The head of the pacifier “nipple” is made of internationally approved food grade silicone, to ensure the flexibility needed for your baby to be able to bite it, ensuring that no harm is caused to the gums and teeth.
  • Provided with a polypropylene cover that automatically closes when pulled from the child’s mouth or when it falls, to ensure that it is kept clean and sterile.
  • Autoclavable and boiled up to 110 ° C
  • The EVON Round Head Pacifier has been carefully designed to exercise the muscles in your baby’s mouth, tongue and lips, ensuring the proper growth of his teeth and gums.
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