Eveline Royal Caviar Therapy Day Face Cream 40+ / 50ml

  • The Eveline Cosmetics research laboratory has developed a unique formula of an exclusive anti-wrinkle cream concentrate, which, thanks to optimally selected active ingredients.
  • 3-level regeneration process.
  • Deep repair of microdamages at the cellular level․
  • Restoration of the matrix “Youth Proteins”․
  • Increased firmness and deep skin nutrition․
  • Unique Neo-DNA Complex ™ stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, triggering a mechanism for repairing DNA damage.
  • Contributing to the renewal of the matrix of structures of supporting fibers.
  • The number of even deep wrinkles is reduced and skin elasticity is increased.
  • Exclusive black orchid extract fights against free radicals, moisturizes and significantly improves skin elasticity.