Eveline Royal Caviar Therapy Day Face Cream 50+ / 50ml

  • The Eveline Cosmetics research laboratory has developed a unique formula of luxury cream
  • A strongly rebuilding serum that guarantees DEEP REPAIR OF CELL DAMAGE (Advanced NEO – DNA Complex) thanks to the optimally selected active ingredients.
  • Deep wrinkles are reduced and the face is oval. Intensive smoothness and skin protection exclusive WHITE GARDENIA flower extract smoothes, tones and acts intensively as an antioxidant.
  • After waking up, the skin is velvety soft, full of radiance and vitality.
  • The cream serum also contains: deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils (from almonds and olives) and the mineral complex OLIGO ACTIMINERALS ™, which actively rejuvenates and regenerates the skin during sleep.