Eveline Slim Extreme D4 Anti-Cellulite Cream With Argan Oil 250ml

  • Is the innovative anti-cellulite body shaping treatment.
  • Formula rich in argan oil stimulates the process of adipose tissue burning and effectively reduces cellulite.
  • 24-carat GOLD, acting in synergy with bioHyaluron Slim Complex and caffeine, effectively stimulates microcirculation in subcutaneous tissue, eliminates toxins and fatty acids accumulated in cells and as a result visibly eliminates cellulite.
  • Argan oil effectively reduces even advanced cellulite and noticeably reduces visibility of stretch marks.
  • Rich in hyaluronic acid combined with pure 24-carat GOLD leaves delicate film on skin and creates invisible corset brightening and smoothing the body – gently glittering with gold.
  • Stimulates the process of adipose tissue burning, shows intense body slimming.
  • Plant stem cells activate weak and sleeping stem cells in skin thus stimulate its natural regeneration.
  • This allows to eliminate cellulite in a natural way.
  • Unique plant milk rich in precious vitamins and minerals, acting in synergy with laminaria algae and natural betaine deeply nourishes, moisturises and invigorates epidermis.
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